Regional Coordinator - June Burgess

The role of the Eden Alternative UKRegional Coordinator (EARC) is to grow the people and organisations that have committed themselves to the Eden Alternative. June is responsible for the development of strategic partnerships with organisations and associations in the UK that share the ideals of the Eden Alternative philosophy. The EARC is the first port of call for all enquiries regarding the Eden Alternative in its area. Regional Coordinators are licensed by the home office in the USA to promote and develop the Eden Alternative in their region and to provide training and support.

The EARC is responsible for the maintenance of the Eden Alternative UK Register of Homes and for ensuring a consistent level of achievement for Homes included on the Register.

As the EARC for the UK June works closely with EARCs around the world in sharing ideas, challenges and successes and in the development of training and other material. June's work with European colleagues and in the introduction and development of the Eden Alternative in South Africa was recognised at the 6th International Eden Alternative Conference in the USA where she received the award for Eden Champion 2012.

June Burgess is a registered nurse with a background in healthcare management and quality assessment in aged care. She has a Masters Degree in the Management of Quality in Healthcare from the Health Management Centre at Birmingham University. June Burgess

June has worked as a Registration and Inspection Officer and independent consultant to the private nursing home sector in the UK and as an Aged Care Quality Assessor with the Queensland Standards and Accreditation Agency in Australia. She was also responsible for coordinating the quality education for the Salvation Army aged care facilities in South East Queensland and advised on the Salvation Army Aged Care Quality Committee for the Eastern Territory of Australia.

During her seven years in Australia working in residential aged care facilities she was impressed with the part the Eden Alternative philosophy played in improving the quality of life for residents and staff in those homes that had adopted the principles and practices.

Since 2005 June has been the EARC for the UK and has been promoting the Eden Alternative by presentations at National and International Conferences, publications and by networking.

June - Eden Alternative

Executive Director - Fiona McCracken

Fiona has extensive experience in both training and support for organisations/services undertaking Eden Alternative training. She also has hands on experience of the implementation of Eden into a care setting.

Fiona’s background is from a medical marketing and disability charity setting before moving into the care industry 10 years ago. And so, her passion for elder care began and this brought her to the philosophy of the Eden Alternative 6 years ago.

Fiona McCracken