How to become an Eden Alternative UK Registered Home

1. The Eden Alternative UK Register of Homes is for progressive homes and services which have adopted the Eden Alternative philosophy of care, developed by Dr Bill Thomas in the U.S. and which is expanding globally. They all have a number of key staff who have completed training in order to support a continuing progression in the continuous journey of culture change from the historical task oriented, medical model of care.

2. There are five conditions to be met to gain a place on the Register.
1) The manager and some key members of the team have completed the Eden Associate course. 10% of the staff being ‘Associates’ is the recommended norm.
2) The Associates are actively engaged introducing Eden, the philosophy it promotes and wellbeing.
3) There is a programme of education that includes all staff upon the Eden philosophy.
4) Information about the Eden Alternative is readily available for all staff, residents and relatives.
5) ‘The Eden Alternative UK Culture Change’ ‘journey’ matrix is completed.

3. The three-day Eden Associate training gives participants a great opportunity to take a step back from the day-to-day routine in order to learn about the Eden philosophy, share ideas and develop practice further. The course gives participants on the one hand an insight of what it can feel like to a resident to be lonely, and / or helpless and / or bored, but participants leave with an abundance of ideas to help residents improve wellbeing and tools to help pass on helpful information to their colleagues.

4. The Eden Alternative UK Guide to Culture progression is a framework which can help to plan and track the implementation of a progressive wellbeing strategy.

5. When a home considers it is ready, a copy of the matrix updated to that point is sent to the Eden Alternative UK who will arrange a visit by one of the Eden team to validate the process by reviewing the information submitted in the matrix, talking with residents and staff, and observing the relationships between staff and residents and between residents and residents.

6. Following the visit, the Home will receive a Validation report and will be registered as an Eden Home. Each Registered home is presented with an Eden tree (a wall plaque) and a certificate stating that the residents and staff are embracing the Eden Journey of Culture progression. The validation process is carried out every two years and the Eden Alternative UK matrix is to be maintained as another part of your CQC evidence of the ongoing journey of progression of the Home.

Eden Alternative Training