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Kingston House

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Kingston House is owned and operated by Greensleeves Homes Trust which is a not-for-profit charitable organisation providing care and accommodation for older people. The home is located in the pleasant and peaceful village of Derry Hill in Wiltshire and has recently been extended, refurbished and renovated.. As well as new bedrooms there is a new dining room, a new lounge, bathrooms and a hair dressing salon. The home is now able to provide care for older people living with dementia.

Our aim is to offer you high quality care in a safe and friendly environment which respects your rights, dignity and privacy, and gives you maximum opportunity to exercise personal autonomy and choice.

01249 815 555
Lansdowne Crescent East, Derry Hill, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9NT
Kingston House
Greensleeves Care
Marie Powell
9th May 2012