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CQC and the Eden Alternative

Since its inception residential and nursing homes on the Eden Alternative UK Register of Homes and Services have always performed well in their CQC inspections. Currently, of the 41 homes on the Register 37 are in England and have been rated by CQC. Five have been rated as OUTSTANDING, 31 GOOD and one REQUIRES IMPROVEMENT. In percentage terms the figures are even more impressive, especially when compared with the National figures from the CQC 2017 annual report.

Outstanding - 14% (National 1%)
Good - 83% (National 76%)
Requires Improvement - 3% (National 21%)
Inadequate - 0% (National 3%)

While it is clearly not appropriate to say that implementing the Eden Alternative care philosophy will result in an improved CQC outcome, we can say that homes that successfully implement such a philosophy will invariably perform well.

The contribution that the Eden Alternative makes to the quality of care in homes is increasingly recognised by CQC and the CSSIW in Wales in their reports, as shown in the extracts below.

Sefton Hall, Dawlish – rated Outstanding by CQC

“Staff showed they had an excellent understanding of the people they cared for and people received exceptionally person-centred care which promoted their health and wellbeing and enhanced their quality of life.” “People were partners in their care; care records were individual, personalised and comprehensive.” It’s worth noting that the Sefton Hall achieved an Outstanding rating in four of the five ...
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The Old Rectory, Exeter – rated outstanding by the CQC

“Eight staff had trained as Eden associates. This philosophy is nationally recognised and was designed to address the challenges to ensure people do not experience loneliness, helplessness and boredom by creating an environment of loving, meaningful and spontaneous activity. A comment on the home's culture said staff retention had improved and people commented on the 'buzz and happiness' of the ...
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The Briars, Sandown, Isle of Wight, rated Outstanding by CQC report

“Staff used the principles of the Eden Alternative to support people to live their lives to the full. This was part of the everyday culture of the service and resulted in the ability of staff to be spontaneous to people's requests. For example, to go out for a walk, to talk, or to just spend time together. In addition, activity ...
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Broadlands, Lowestoft – rated Outstanding by the CQC

"The service was 'Eden Alternative' accredited. The Eden Alternative is a way of providing care that puts people at the centre of decision making about the way they want to live their life. The philosophy asserts that no matter how old people are, or what challenges they live with, life is about continuing to grow. The service had learnt how ...
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Mt Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells – rated Good by the CQC

“The provider has successfully introduced the ‘Eden Alternative’. This is an approach to providing care devised by the Eden Alternative UK CIC to improve the experience of aging and disability. The benefits of this approach were particularly evident in the way people engaged with and responded to activities arranged at the service.”
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Amy Woodgate, Chessington – rated Good by the CQC

“The service implemented national initiatives to review the quality of their service and provide an individually tailored service. This included ‘dementia care mapping’ and the Eden Alternative principles. The principles of the Eden Alternative helped staff to empower people and to deliver timely, individualised care. The service was creative and implemented their own initiatives including the development of a reminiscence ...
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